The Sovereignty of God -with Daryl, Kyle, and Jhoi

In this week's giant episode three brothers in Christ got together and discuss God. Mainly they discuss His sovereignty. This was recorded while we were visiting friends in Maryland a few weekends ago. If you heard last week's episode you heard all of us talking about walking this Christian life. Here Daryl, Kyle, and Jhoi get deeper into theology. Some of this discussion can stir some opposing opinions in how the Scriptures are interpreted and we welcome a loving discussion if you disagree. Take a listen and see where we stand. Also, apologies for a humming noise in the background and a few bumps and bangs. There was a lot going on when we recorded. Kids and moms dancing upstairs as well as the hum of an air conditioner. And as I mentioned it is a giant episode. Probably the longest yet but that what happens when you get three theology nerds, who love the Lord and His word, together to talk. Enjoy!!

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and for another view
Chosen But Free by Norman Geisler

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