What Are We Even Doing Here? with Daryl & Karen Updike ⭐️

Hosted ByDaryl & Karen Updike

We are a podcast the seeks to answer the question of "what are we even doing here?" from a biblical perspective.

What Are We Even Doing Here Catechizing?

We decided that each month we will have an episode where we start to discuss a catechism.  A catechism is a tool used to teach the what we believe as Christians.  This is done in a question and answer form.  There is a link below to the catechism we have decided to start with.  You can find the history behind it as well as the biblical texts the questions and answers are drawn from.  We hope to get through this entire catechism then move on to another one.  It is important for Christians to know what we believe.  It is also important to teach our children as well.  We hope these episode benefit you in your walk with Christ.