What Are We Even Doing Here? with Daryl & Karen Updike ⭐️

Hosted ByDaryl & Karen Updike

We are a podcast the seeks to answer the question of "what are we even doing here?" from a biblical perspective.

What Are We Even Doing Here Discussing Those Who Can’t Hear?

In this episode we look to the Bible to help us answer the question, “What happens to people who never hear the gospel?” We also try to tackle what happens to babies if they die before they can make a confession of saving faith.  God has the answers and we can only tell you what we see in the Scriptures.  If you have any insight on these issues please let us know.  Let us preach the gospel to everyone we can and may “whosoever will” come to Jesus Christ.  Please partner with us on Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/whatareweevendoinghere