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16:18 is a Christian podcast by Nathan John Whittaker, a missionary in Romania working with the local church in an effort to further evangelize their community. Out of the need for greater education on many social, cultural, political and religious issues, he started 16:18 in order to better equip the church, and the individual Christian, to more effectively evangelize their unique, and local communities.

In each episode, released every Tuesday and Friday, Nathan discusses many of these issues that Christians, including himself, face today in the public square and how they can more effectively evangelize as they better understand the fallen world in which we all live. In certain special edition episodes, Nathan also interviews Christians in different professional arenas, and from all walks of life, such as businessmen, doctors, theologians, and educators as they offer differing perspectives on how all Christians can evangelize past the public/private divide.

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Christians and self-defense (part 1)

16:18 Podcast –  #13 Christians and self-defense (part 2) What does the Bible say about Christians acting in self-defense? Do Christians have permission to act in self-defense? What are...

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Interview about Delia’s home

16:18 Podcast – #11 Interview about Delia’s home In this episode, I interview my uncle, Joel Sprecher, and his friend Ryan who just spent a week with me in...

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Mission field update: November

16:18 Podcast – #10 Mission field update: November In this episode, I give an update from the mission field: Medgidia, Romania.

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Across the Aisle: Environmentalism

16:18 Podcast – #9 Across the Aisle: Environmentalism In today’s episode we will be looking at the topic of environmentalism. What does the secular world say about our place...

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Do I have to evangelize?

16:18 Podcast – #8 Do I have to evangelize? Do I have to evangelize or is that a job for the church leaders? What if I am afraid or...

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