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We are a podcast that looks at the Christian life and our life of worship and witness through the lens of reformation theology.

Hosted ByJames Watkins & Daryl Updike

Are the foundational rallying cries of the protestant reformers still relevant in our day and age? Absolutely! Join hosts James Watkins and Daryl Updike as they discuss any and all things relating to reformed theology, cults, apologetics, Christian living, and much more! Not only will you be edified by theological talk, but you will be edified by the transparency of the hosts as they discuss the challenges they face in their day to day lives as Christians. It's easy to paint a picture of the perfect Christian life; James and Daryl will discuss the challenges in dealing with the daily struggles we face as believers and wrestling with how we can glorify God amidst those struggles.

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Should We Preach Repentance? with Dr. James R. White

Join hosts James Watkins and Daryl Updike this week as they discuss the important topic of repentance! In this episode, James Watkins also interviews THE Dr. James R. White...

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The Danger of the NAR with Justin Peters

Joining hosts James Watkins and Daryl Updike is Justin Peters to discuss the dangers and damning gospel of the New Apostolic Reformation. What is the NAR? Should we listen...

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Let's Talk Creation with Dr. Anthony Silvestro

Joining James Watkins and Daryl Updike this week is special guest Anthony Silvestro to discuss the topic of Creation! How old is the earth? Tune in to find out!

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A Testimony & Bible Rebinding with Jeffery Rice

Joining hosts James Watkins and Daryl Updike at the G3 Conference is Jeffery Rice from Post Tenebras Lux Bible Rebinding. Join in and listen to Jeffery's testimony of salvation...

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Christ Alone with Andrew Rappaport

Join James Watkins and his guest Andrew Rappaport as they discuss the very essential sola of Solus Christus–Christ Alone.

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