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A live 2-hour apologetics show to answer challenging questions and teach how to do apologetics.

Hosted ByAndrew Rappaport

Apologetics Live is a 2-hour live program where Andrew Rappaport (and at times, various guests) answer questions and challenges from anyone who joins the discussion.  They do not only answer challenging questions, but they also give the listener the reasons why they answer as they do. You will get an education in apologetics in every episode.

Do you want the skills to do apologetics and answer the most difficult questions? Apologetics Live provides the answers. Do you want a formal debate with someone? Apologetics Live has the platform.

Apologetics Live answers the questions many have. Do you have any questions? You can join and get the answers. Apologetics Live is live Thursday nights 8-10 pm EST. The links to watch and join are always at ApologeticsLive.com.

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New Age Discussion with Doreen Virtue

Apologetics Live episode 247 The topic for discussion is the New Age Movement with expert Doreen Virtue. This podcast is a ministry of Striving for Eternity and all our...

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Does the Long Ending of Mark 16 Belong in Our Bible?

Apologetics Live episode 246 Dr. Keith Foskey will join the show to discuss Mark’s longer-ending issues. There is some debate about whether the later verses of Mark 16 were...

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What Does the Trump Verdict Mean?

Apologetics Live episode 145 Andrew explains the results and the Trump verdict and explains what it means for the Christian. Aaron will be talking about a men’s retreat that...

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God and Mental Health

Apologetics Live episode 244 Fireworks were exposed in the last two hours. It is a long episode because two hours were spent trying to help someone recognize his excusing...

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Mark Driscoll on Cessationists

Apologetics Live episode 243 Mark Driscoll explained a view of Cessationists, but was it right or fair? Andrew and Drew will examine the clip to answer this question.

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