Apologetics Live with Andrew Rappaport & Matt Slick ⭐️

A live apologetics 2-hour show to answer challenging questions and teach how to do apologetics. It is hosted by Andrew Rappaport with Matt Slick of CARM.org.

Hosted ByAndrew Rappaport & Matt Slick

Apologetics Live is a 2-hour live show where Andrew Rappaport and Matt Slick answer questions and challenges from anyone that joins the discussion. Answering any questions that are asked. Debates, challenges or questions Andrew and Matt can handle it. They will teach you how to answer the most difficult questions. Apologetics Live provides the skills to apologetics.

Andrew and Matt do not just answer challenging questions but they also give the listener the reasons they answer as they do. You get an education in apologetics in every episode. Do you want the skills to do apologetics and answer the most difficult questions? Apologetics Live provides the answers.

Want a formal debate with someone? Apologetics Live has the platform. Apologetics Live answers the questions many have. Do you have any questions? You can join and get the answers. Apologetics Live is live Thursday nights 8-10 pm EST. The links to watch and join are always at ApologeticsLive.com.

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Situational Ethics and a Powerful Testimony

Apologetics Live episode 110 Andrew, Justin, and Anthony discuss ethics. Is there a time that we can compromise God’s law for the better good? They get into a deep...

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Grace Life Church of Edmonton, Alberta

Apologetics Live episode 109 A recent video from Edmonton Alberta, Canada is being examined by the public as a case of police intimidation against churchgoers. The video features two...

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The Resurrection and Premillennialism

Apologetics Live episode 108 Special guest Jim Osman, author of God Doesn’t Whisper, joins Andrew Rappaport, Dr. Anthony Sivlestro, and Pastor Justin Pierce to discuss his Resurrection Sunday sermon...

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Preparing for Persecution

Apologetics Live episode 107 Preparing for Persecution is coming! The church cannot be prepared for what the world has in store if we do not know it. The church...

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What Day Did Jesus Die? Was it on Good Friday?

Apologetics Live episode 106 Did Jesus die on a Thursday? Or did He die on Friday making it Good Friday? At least one of two possible days that he...

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