Apologetics Live with Andrew Rappaport & Matt Slick ⭐️

A live apologetics 2-hour show to answer challenging questions and teach how to do apologetics. It is hosted by Andrew Rappaport with Matt Slick of CARM.org.

Hosted ByAndrew Rappaport & Matt Slick

Apologetics Live is a 2-hour live show where Andrew Rappaport and Matt Slick answer questions and challenges from anyone that joins the discussion. Answering any questions that are asked. Debates, challenges or questions Andrew and Matt can handle it. They will teach you how to answer the most difficult questions. Apologetics Live provides the skills to apologetics.

Andrew and Matt do not just answer challenging questions but they also give the listener the reasons they answer as they do. You get an education in apologetics in every episode. Do you want the skills to do apologetics and answer the most difficult questions? Apologetics Live provides the answers.

Want a formal debate with someone? Apologetics Live has the platform. Apologetics Live answers the questions many have. Do you have any questions? You can join and get the answers. Apologetics Live is live Thursday nights 8-10 pm EST. The links to watch and join are always at ApologeticsLive.com.

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Slavery in the Bible and Free Will Discussion

Apologetics Live 52 Matt gets triggered on a song Calvinists are not saved. Matt Slick discusses his recent studies on slavery in the Bible. Someone joins and askes about...

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Developing Arguments Against a Unitary God

Apologetics Live 0051 Matt Slick is back and he and Eli get into an into depth discussion on developing an argument against a unitary god.

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Kayne West, Democrat’s war on Christianity, and Flat Earth

Apologetics Live 0050 Andrew expounds the social media’s attack on anyone that questions Kanye West, the Democrat’s war on Christianity and Flat Earth.

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Is Secular Humanism Superior to Christianity Post Debate Discussion

Apologetics Live 0049 Post Debate Review (Is Secular Humanism Superior to Christianity?) There were some fireworks before we work through explaining the debate. Watch the whole debate from the...

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Apologetics Live Post Debate Review

Apologetics Live 0048 Eli and Andrew will review his debate on the Gospel Truth show. Elias Ayala vs Chris Stauffer on the topic Does God Exist? Watch the whole...

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