Romans Road with Eddie Roman

Christian evangelism and apologetics taught by example in real-world conversations.

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Islam: Jay Smith Pt.2

Polemicist and evangelist to the Muslim world, Jay Smith lays out a strategy for dealing with some of the main beliefs of Islam. Great information on witnessing to Muslims....

Islam: Jay Smith Pt.1

Eddie interviews legendary polemicist and evangelist to the Muslim world, Jay Smith. In this episode, Jay gives an overview of Islam and answers the question asked by many American...

Orientation! Truth Q and A

Eddie shares the advice / instruction he gives to Christians who are coming along with him to evangelize for their first time. Faith Bible Church in Murrieta, CA is...

Sye Ten Bruggencate

Sye Ten Bruggencate and Eddie Roman discuss the “I don't wanna do it” factor of evangelism. Sye is an internationally known Christian Apologist and the creator of For...

Fake Truth

It's two against one as Eddie talks Christianity with a moral relativist and a Buddhist. Is it ok to interpret the bible however we want? If truth is relative,...

Man Vs. Drunk

In this episode, Eddie is confronted by a drunk while street preaching. Eddie's website: Search N Rescue, Eddie's book on evangelism. Available at   

Life’s quick! Psalm 90

Romans Road 001 Eddie Roman’s BMX days, recent family tragedy and a serious look at the reality of life. Give a listen! Check out Eddie's website