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Welcome to bible theory, where we discover, discuss and share our theology on a bar stool level. This is not a program where professionals and highly paid people get to show you how smart they are! This is a smoker-friendly, whiskey tasting, book-reading, jersey wearing, barbershop sort of thing. Follow me on Twitter @thechicanoknox. Be sure to add me and subscribe for more mind bending content.

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The Church Series Season 2: Part 14: Interview with Hip Hop Artist Seal da Zeal

Welcome to the Bibletheory Podcast where we review the doctrine of the church from every aspect possible. Today, in this part of the church series. I talk with Seal...

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The Church Series Season 2: Part 13: Interview with Professor Peter Sammons

Welcome to Bibletheory Podcast, where we explore the doctrine of the church and dig deep into everything about the church. In this part of season 2, I talk with...

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The Church Series Season 2: Part 12 Interview with Pastor Scott Edburg

Today we review the PCA!!! What in the world is going on in the PCA today? What is the position of Sanctification in the PCA? What is their view...

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The Church Series Season 2: Part 11: Interview with Randy Starkey with a bonus interview included.

In this part of our study of the church, we make a pit stop in Haiti. What is God doing in Haiti? Why is this tiny nation so broken...

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The Church Series Season 2: Part 10: Interview with Pastor Nate Pickowicz

We are almost halfway done with Season 2!  In this part, I talk with Pastor Nate Pickowicz about his new book titled (R.C. Sproul: Defender of the Reformed faith)...

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