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Welcome to bible theory, where we discover, discuss and share our theology on a bar stool level. This is not a program where professionals and highly paid people get to show you how smart they are! This is a smoker-friendly, whiskey tasting, book-reading, jersey wearing, barbershop sort of thing. Follow me on Twitter @thechicanoknox. Be sure to add me and subscribe for more mind bending content.

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The Church Series Part 20: Interview with Pastor Andy Woodard

Can you believe this is episode 20!!!!  In this part, I interview Pastor Andy Woodard (Pastor of Providence) A Reformed Baptist Church in Manhattan, NYC. In this part of...

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The Church Series Part 19: Interview with Christian Hip Hop artist K-Dub

This is part 19 of the church series and I interview Christian hip hop artist K-Dub. In this part, we get into the Five Solas of the Reformation and...

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The Church Series Part 18: Interview with Rev. Andy Young

This is the 18th part of our series of the Church and today, I have the joy to interview Welsh Pastor Andy Young (Pastor of an EPC church in...

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The Church Series Part 17: Interview with Dr. Owen Strachan

In this episode of Biblietheory, I talk with Dr. Owen Strachan. A Theologian at Grace Bible Theological Seminary (GBTS) & Author of the new book titled Christianity and Wokeness:...

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The Church Series Part 16: Interview with Bill Adams

In this part of our study of the church, I talk with Bill Adams an ordained priest in the Anglican Orthodox Church, and director of Sports Fan Outreach Int’l...

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