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Welcome to bible theory, where we discover, discuss and share our theology on a bar stool level. This is not a program where professionals and highly paid people get to show you how smart they are! This is a smoker-friendly, whiskey tasting, book-reading, jersey wearing, barbershop sort of thing. Follow me on Twitter @thechicanoknox. Be sure to add me and subscribe for more mind bending content.

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The Church Series Part 10: Bread & Wine

It’s part 10 of the Church Series! In this episode I try to get to the rich meaning of the sign and seal of the covenant of grace. What...

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The Church Series Part 9: The Screaming Fact of The Trinity

What you believe about the Triune God will shape your Christianity. In this episode I will try to tackle some of the things about the Trinity. It would be...

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The Church Series Part 8: The Local Church as a Greenhouse

What would it look like for the church to start picking up the broken pieces in a broken society? What are teachers supposed to be doing and how important...

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The Church Series Part 7: Feed my Sheep

In this episode I dig into a bit deeper of how the Scriptures being central really is played out primarily. What is preaching, is teaching and preaching mean the...

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The Church Series Part 6: The Centrality of the Scriptures

We are in the bible illiteracy age, where church and non-church members cannot name all 12 disciples of Jesus or even recall the ten commandments? In this 6th episode...

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