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Welcome to bible theory, where we discover, discuss and share our theology on a bar stool level. This is not a program where professionals and highly paid people get to show you how smart they are! This is a smoker-friendly, whiskey tasting, book-reading, jersey wearing, barbershop sort of thing. Follow me on Twitter @thechicanoknox. Be sure to add me and subscribe for more mind bending content.

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The Church Series Part 5: A Well Ordered Church

We are almost mid-way of our study in the church series. Who organizes the church, who gets to preach, why aren’t there elders? These are very important things to...

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The Church Series Part 4: The Local Church & The Supremacy of Christ

In this fourth session, I try to break down how the local church is the expression of the supremacy of Christ. In our path through the study of the...

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The Church Series Part 3: What Good is the Gospel Good For?

In the third installment of our church survey, we review a very important question- What is the gospel for? It is a foretaste of the next coming series but...

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The Church Series Part 1: The Pathology of Church Building

In this first installment of my series about the church, we will review what people call church planting. Church planting is very important and I thought it would be...

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The Church Series Part 2: Thy Kingdom Come

In this second session of our overview of the church. We discuss the Kingdom of God and what does it mean by “kingdom.” Is Jesus really King? Why is...

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