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A mom and kids discuss Creation, science, and all areas of theology/worldview affected by these.

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“The Book of Genesis is the seed in which the plant of God's Word is enfolded.” And childhood is the seed time leading to the harvest of a life. Our show lets you be a fly on the wall as one mom passes on her legacy of Bible study and science to her children. Plus, they get to practice giving Charlotte Mason style reports!

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God's Covering, A ‘New' Constellation, and Taxonomy

[Episode 83] When Adam and Eve rebelled God didn't abandon them! We examine the powerful picture their new clothes give us, then apply creation thinking to the heavens, and...

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What Wisdom Loves, Flowers vs Fabric & Mountains

[Episode 82] We're finishing up Proverbs 8 with the favorite thing Wisdom enjoys, and it's totally science related! Then we examine Jesus' claim that lilies dress better than King...

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One Death or Two? Peer Review Papers and Kennedy Space Center

[Episode 81] How could Adam both die the day he ate the fruit and sweat to eat bread for a long time before returning to dust? We examine what...

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Day 2 and Proverbs 8, Plus Sharks

[Episode 80] If you wanted to make someone's jaw drop at how amazing God's power and wisdom are, what would you show them? Proverbs gives us the answer: the...

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Consequences, Fields Trips & Hang Gliders

[Episode 79] What would have to change after Adam and Eve rebelled? God clues them in to the difficulties of all sorts that had to follow their choice. Then,...

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