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Exploring creation through the Bible with kids.

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Kids need answers. The Bible has them. As a mom with her kids we examine the truth claims God makes about how, when, and why he created all things both in the first chapters of the Bible and in other sections scattered through his Word. We also learn about amazing ministries and scientific happenings to strengthen our faith and share science reports about all kinds of scientific topics. It's a combination of homeschooling, Christian legacy building, and sharing the fun and learning we do with other families!

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Stretching Outer Space, Ebenezer Allosaur, Gregor Mendel

Episode 5: Ever wondered how we can see things billions of light years away when God only made the stars a few thousand years ago? God gives us the...

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Dry Land Erosion, Kitchen Experiments

Episode 4: Why did God double up on the work He did on Day 3 of Creation Week? Want to hear some of our favorite kitchen science experiments? Check...

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Day of Rest, Robots, and Bacteria

Episode 3: Ever wondered what God thought about how long Creation Week lasted? Some people got to hear God speaking out loud telling them He wanted them to follow...

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Earth’s Atmosphere, A Superhero Walk in the Woods

Episode 2: What was the Holy Spirit doing while “hovering over the waters”? Why is the sky blue? These are the questions we look at today. Plus, we get...

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God Spoke, Michael Faraday, Dreadnaughtus

Episode 1: Why did God speak the universe into existence? What is the biggest dinosaur we've found so far? Who was Michael Faraday? We look at all these in...

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