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Kids need answers. The Bible has them. As a mom with her kids we examine the truth claims God makes about how, when, and why he created all things both in the first chapters of the Bible and in other sections scattered through his Word. We also learn about amazing ministries and scientific happenings to strengthen our faith and share science reports about all kinds of scientific topics. It's a combination of homeschooling, Christian legacy building, and sharing the fun and learning we do with other families!

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Before the Oceans & Blessing Creation Ministries

[Episode 78] What did the world look like when God began to use wisdom to create? There is so much to puzzle over in Proverbs 8, then we share...

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A Ray of Hope: the Seed of the Woman, plus Lobsters & Snakes

[Episode 77] In the middle of the saddest chapter in all history comes a strange and special promise. What is “enmity”? What does “seed” mean? Why the seed of...

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Wisdom Before Creation, Mount St Helens Ministry & Symbiosis

[Episode 76] Want to tackle an idea that baffles pastors, professors, and philosophers? Proverbs 8:22-23 tells us something about not only wisdom, but God's relationship with time. Then we...

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Serpent Legs, Creationists Down Under & Experiments in a Baggie

[Episode 75] What's with God telling the Serpent it would crawl on the ground? Let's find out what the creation community has uncovered about snakes, legs, and dust. Then...

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Natural World Analogies, Tenrecs, and a Dino Course

[Episode 74] Where does the Bible turn to help us picture what wisdom can do for us? Creation, of course! We explore Proverbs 8 then turn to an unusual...

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