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Exploring creation through the Bible with kids.

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Kids need answers. The Bible has them. As a mom with her kids we examine the truth claims God makes about how, when, and why he created all things both in the first chapters of the Bible and in other sections scattered through his Word. We also learn about amazing ministries and scientific happenings to strengthen our faith and share science reports about all kinds of scientific topics. It's a combination of homeschooling, Christian legacy building, and sharing the fun and learning we do with other families!

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Let's be Honest, Kids Podcast App & Chocolate

[Episode 73] Why is so hard to just admit we did something wrong? What has changed since Genesis 3 that can help us be honest with ourselves and God?...

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The Riot and the Dance, Sea Turtles & Authority

  [Episode 72] What does it take to be a good leader? Why should you start thinking about this now when you're little? Proverbs has some simple but powerful...

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Best Chapter Books, Our Conscience, and a Baby Canyon

[Episode 71] What questions did God ask Adam to get him to be honest with himself about the choice he had made? What does our conscience do for us?...

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A Good Scientific Attitude, Star Contradictions, and Glaciers

[Episode 70] What does Proverbs have to say about our attitudes that impact how we do science? How does this work out as we look at things in distant...

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“Where are you?” The Genesis 3D Movie & Dolphins

[Episode 69] We've gotten to the saddest part of the Bible. Adam and his wife have rebelled and now God is coming. How do they react? What hints do...

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