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My name is Patrick Antonucci and I am the founder of Dad Hackers. I do not claim to be a perfect man and I do not claim to know everything there is to know. I am a Christian, Husband, Father of 5 and am dedicated to becoming the man that God designed me to be and am passionate about helping other men become better men for the glory of God.

Good, quality, Godly men are a rare thing these days, but I’m on a mission to change that. That’s why I started the Dad Hackers Podcast. On this podcast I basically do 3 things:

  1. Interview men who have an expertise in an area relevant to Christian men to equip men to live better.
  2. Interview older men who have begun to live their legacy so that I can extract from them the years of wisdom they have built up to be able to apply it to my life and that of the listeners.
  3. I also do solo episodes on various topics, issues, and challenges that I see that men face as I interact with many men every week in order to help other men on their journey to become better men.

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The End… For Now

I'm taking a break from podcasting. In this quick episode I share with you my thinking behind making this decision. I hope this helps you in some way with...

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Rescued by God with Jason Sautel

Our guest today is Jason Sautel Jason spent much of his early adulthood as a decorated firefighter in one of the toughest firehouses in the country and today shares...

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How to Become a Man of Influence with Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards wears many hats–best selling author, podcast host, professional ghostwriter. Husband, father, older brother to younger men. Amateur theologian, men’s physique competitor, voice mimic and recovering insurance salesman....

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How Men Seek God with Tyler Smith

Tyler D. Smith is a pastor, NBA sportswriter, basketball coach, and author; he has also worked in the Christian music industry. He graduated from Lincoln Christian University and has...

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Becoming a Whole Hearted Man with Aaron McHugh

Aaron McHugh joins us today as a special guest on the Dad Hackers Podcast. Aaron is a writer, podcaster, adventurer, and author of the best-selling book, Fire Your Boss:...

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