Dive Deep with George Emmert & Lance Phelps

Dive Deep explores culture from a Christian worldview.

Hosted ByGeorge Emmert & Lance Phelps

Dive Deep aims to take culture and break it down, exploring the depths of why we believe what we believe as it is presented in our media. Hosts George and Lance use the Christian worldview to offer analyses of today’s culture and bring clarity to the murky waters of movies, TV shows, books, and Music. Taking two separate yet complementary approaches, George and Lance each offer their unique perspective on the cultural impact of the media that they analyze.

Lance takes the long view. He looks at the grand philosophical and theological issues and implications that may be present in the media that they are reviewing. While George takes the short view. Getting into the weed of the media, George teases out the personal and individual elements that make that media tick and offer meaning to our hearts. Together George and Lance offer a complete picture of what you are consuming on a daily basis.

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Coffee Break – Why did God Create Humans to be Sent to Hell?

# Front Matter Today Lance takes a look at the question: Why did God Create Humans to be sent to hell? He unpacks three answers to this question and...

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Top Gun Maverick

Show Spotlight: Are You Just Watching with Eve and Tim AYJW129 – Top Gun: Maverick “Long” Themes Explored: American Excellence American Intervention into foreign affairs “Short” Themes Explored: Carrying...

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Dive Deep

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