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Conversations about theology and life.

Hosted ByJeremy Howard & Kenn Chipchase

Our podcast explores different areas of theology from varying practical perspectives. We are not only concerned with understanding the details of doctrines, but also the weightiness of doctrine in the larger evangelical landscape.

Kenn and Jeremy are both pastors. Kenn is currently planting a church in southern Indiana and Jeremy pastors a growing congregation just south of Provo, Utah. Both hosts earned degrees in biblical doctrine from Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, Missouri.

The conversations had in this podcast are important for church leaders and Christian laypeople alike. It is important for all believers to understand doctrine and what is and isn’t “of first importance.”

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065: Tests of Orthodoxy

This episode is sponsored by Kress Biblical Resources. Use promo code "do theology" for 40% off plus free shipping on orders over $20 at Offer expires May 31st. Most...

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064: The State of Debate with James White

Recently, Jeremy had a chance to sit down with Dr. James White and talk about debating. Because Jeremy set up the technology, the quality of the recording is substandard....

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DT Reacts: Bad Tithing Advice from Mega Church Pastor Robert Morris

Jeremy and Kenn react to Robert Morris' illustration and teaching on tithing.   Check out our store at     https://dotheology.comhttps://store.dotheology.com Us:[email protected]

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063: Does God Desire Doctrinal Differences?

Why do so many Christians disagree?? Is this what God wants for His Church? Join Jeremy and Kenn as they talk through this difficult subject. Contact...

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062: John Owen’s Three Forms of Unity

Thanks to Kress Biblical Resources for sponsoring the show! Visit and use promo code "do theology" to get 40% off + free shipping on orders over $20. Today we discuss a...

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