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Conversations about theology and life.

Hosted ByJeremy Howard & Kenn Chipchase

Our podcast explores different areas of theology from varying practical perspectives. We are not only concerned with understanding the details of doctrines, but also the weightiness of doctrine in the larger evangelical landscape.

Kenn and Jeremy are both pastors. Kenn is currently planting a church in southern Indiana and Jeremy pastors a growing congregation just south of Provo, Utah. Both hosts earned degrees in biblical doctrine from Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, Missouri.

The conversations had in this podcast are important for church leaders and Christian laypeople alike. It is important for all believers to understand doctrine and what is and isn’t “of first importance.”

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LDS Conversation 6: Jaxon Washburn and Jeremy Howard

Jeremy asks Jaxon what's at stake for Evangelicals who reject the restored gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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LDS Conversation 5: Jaxon Washburn and Jeremy Howard

Jeremy asks Jaxon why so many Latter-day Saints seem to want to be viewed as just another denomination within traditional Christianity.

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06: Doubtful Things (part one)

Ever heard anybody talk about tertiary doctrine? It’s that “third level” stuff. Does Scripture warrant such a category? Jeremy and Kenn discuss! The Chart:

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