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Conversations about theology and life.

Hosted ByJeremy Howard & Kenn Chipchase

Our podcast explores different areas of theology from varying practical perspectives. We are not only concerned with understanding the details of doctrines, but also the weightiness of doctrine in the larger evangelical landscape.

Kenn and Jeremy are both pastors. Kenn is currently planting a church in southern Indiana and Jeremy pastors a growing congregation just south of Provo, Utah. Both hosts earned degrees in biblical doctrine from Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, Missouri.

The conversations had in this podcast are important for church leaders and Christian laypeople alike. It is important for all believers to understand doctrine and what is and isn’t “of first importance.”

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Post-Election Devo and Thank God for Joe Biden

In this offseason episode, both Jeremy and Kenn read articles from their personal blogs reflecting on the election and what's ahead for believers. We hope it is edifying for...

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S2E15: Samuel Sey on American Politics and Race Issues

Samuel Sey's Blog: Contest! to win an ESV Study Bible...1) Like our FaceBook page 2) Like the post for this episode 3) Share that post 4) Rate/Review...

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S2E14 Are Stay-At-Home Dads in Sin??

In this episode we get down to the nitty-gritty on complementarian application. How has God designed male and female? Should the man always hold the door open for his...

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S2E13 Andrew Rappaport On Discipleship, False Teaching, and How To Do Theology Well.

Listen to our conversation with Andrew Rappaport about developing a disciples-making-disciples culture in a church, how to spot false teacher/teaching, and what he appreciates about the international church.Striving for...

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S2E12 America in 2020 and Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ Chart

Jeremy and Kenn discuss current events and then see what Martyn Lloyd-Jones' chart would have looked like back in his day (you might be surprised). Can Opposing Views Both Be...

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