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Conversations about theology and life.

Hosted ByJeremy Howard & Kenn Chipchase

Our podcast explores different areas of theology from varying practical perspectives. We are not only concerned with understanding the details of doctrines, but also the weightiness of doctrine in the larger evangelical landscape.

Kenn and Jeremy are both pastors. Kenn is currently planting a church in southern Indiana and Jeremy pastors a growing congregation just south of Provo, Utah. Both hosts earned degrees in biblical doctrine from Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, Missouri.

The conversations had in this podcast are important for church leaders and Christian laypeople alike. It is important for all believers to understand doctrine and what is and isn’t “of first importance.”

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S2E09 Dever, Keller, and MacArthur Walk into a Bar…

The Chartemail us: show@dotheology.comTweet us: @DoTheology 2018 Stefan Kartenberg Licensed to the public under Verify at

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S2E08 Justin Peters on Repentance, Calvinism, and the Charismatic Movement

We had Justin Peters on the show! We talk repentance, the doctrines of grace, and what to do with music from sources like Bethel, Hillsong, and Elevation.Justin Peter's Websiteemail...

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S2E07 Can Opposing Views Both Be Valid?

Is it possible for two opposing views to both be valid? Can two different approaches to interpreting Scripture be equally legitimate? Jeremy and Kenn discuss these important issues and...

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S2E06 Josh Buice: The Local Church Is a Priority

Josh Buice's BlogG3 Conference and Ministries   Music: 2018 Stefan Kartenberg Licensed to the public under Verify at

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S2E05 A 3D Look at the Chart

When does a third column issue become a first column priority? How do first column issues impact the way we view things in the second and third columns? Listen...

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