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A podcast from a Reformed Baptist perspective designed to help the Church understand their faith and equip them to live out that faith.

Hosted BySteven Dew

On the Doctrine Matters Podcast I talk about primary, secondary, and tertiary doctrines found in Scripture in an easy to understand format. I also spend time discussing current events going on in the world from a Biblical perspective. This podcast will help not only the deep thinker in theology, but it will help the layperson in any Church understand some of the more difficult things we find in the Scriptures.

The podcast was formed to run everything both Biblical and current events in our world through a Biblical lens to give God glory, exalt Christ, and encourage one another.

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Buses, Helicopters, and Life

What do buses, helicopters and life have to do with one another? Take a listen and find out on this episode of the podcast. 

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Has God predetermined everything?

In this episode we will talk about the Decrees of God. Has God predetermined everything that has happened and will happen in this world? This is one heavily debated...

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G3 Conference: Worship

In this episode I have a few friends to help us understand worship. We are currently attending the G3 conference in Atlanta, Ga. We unpack some of the highlights...

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The Gospel and the American Church

Today’s episode is going to focus on the Gospel and the American Church. Moralism is not the same as the Gospel. 

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The Solitariness of God: He reigns alone


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