Eagles Journey Podcast with Eric Szymanski and Jacob Secor ⭐️

Discussing the importance of understanding the Bible and how it gives us hope.

Hosted ByEric Szymanski and Jacob Secor

Eagles Journey podcast is a time to read and reflect on the word of God. We study scripture and we invite everyone to join us as we learn more about who Jesus is so we can live our lives to glorify Him. We also dive into some of the theology and history behind the passages so we can see clearly and understand our call from God in this life He has given us.

Eric and Jacob have listened to podcasts before but this is the first venture for either of them into making one. Eric has about 15 years of full-time ministry experience and Jacob has been faithfully volunteering in a ministry for over 5 years. Eric has a Masters of Theology in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary. Jacob has a B.S. in Computer Science and a Minor in Biblical Studies and Mathematics from Cedarville University.

This podcast is a journey for us as friends. We have served together in ministry and we desire to teach others the word and help them know Jesus more.

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1 || Listening to Scripture Part 1

We talk about the importance of listening to scripture and how that informs us about the resurrection of the dead.

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Eric Szymanski

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Eagles Journey Podcast


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Eagles Journey Podcast

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