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Monthly interviews with knowledgable guests on a variety of topics dealing with theology, apologetics, errant teaching, and cultural issues.

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Echo Zoe Radio is the podcast outreach of Echo Zoe Ministries, based in Minneapolis, MN. Each month, host Andy Olson interviews a different guest on a wide variety of subjects, always from a Biblical worldview. Topics range from positive theology to heresy and false teaching. From centuries-old issues to current events. The show reflects the importance of being grounded in solid, Biblical teaching while exploring various cults, movements, and teachings making their way through the broader culture.

Andy Olson is a married father of three boys and one girl living in the north west Minneapolis metropolitan area. Andy was soundly saved in 1999 while studying Architecture at North Dakota State University. While he has no formal theological training, he has always had a strong love of theology and God’s Word, and grows best by sharing what he learns with others. The Echo Zoe Radio podcast is focussed on building a library of quality resources that his children (and some day grandchildren) can come back to for years to come, answering many of the questions that Christians have faced for centuries. That the show can be a resource to others around the world is an added blessing.

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Fred Butler: Royal Deceptions — Revisiting King James Onlyism

The first time I ever had Fred on the show was seven years ago, in May of 2014, to discuss King James Onlyism. Since then, Fred has updated his...

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Steve Gretch: The Dangers of Conspiracy Theories

Outline of the Discussion A Biblical worldview can set us up for being more open to conspiracy theories than we might otherwise be. Further exacerbating a proclivity toward conspiracy...

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Jim Rinard: Church Life

Jim Rinard is a friend from Southeast Illinois, and joins me to talk about life in a smaller town, and small to medium-sized church. Jim is a layman in...

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Michael Svigel: Urban Legends of Church History

Dr. Michael Svigel is Department Chair and Professor of Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. He's also the author of Urban Legends of Church History: 40 Common Misconceptions. In...

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Andrew Rappaport & Fred Butler: 2020 Roundtable Discussion

Andrew Rappaport and Fred Butler are both return guests. There is no formal topic this month, instead we have a roundtable discussion, something we have done twice before as...

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