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An analysis of civics, law, and government from a Biblical perspective.

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Governed by God (formerly known as Two Guys and a Bible) is a non-profit podcast hosted by myself, Eric Luppold. My co-host, Dillon Kenniston, has had to temporarily step away from podcasting due to scheduling conflicts.
The purpose of Governed by God is to approach the topics of civics, law, and government from a Biblical and historical perspective. The goal is to learn from God’s word, as well as history, and to apply those lessons to today.
That being said, I would like to invite you to join the conversation by not only listening but also sending me your questions. Just send me an email using the form below and I will gladly address them on the podcast as soon as I am able.

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Archived 2GAB Episode 13 – Interview with Greg Anderson

Today we talk with Greg Anderson, graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and Director of Member Care at Hilltown Baptist Church. Greg discusses how he came to faith as well...

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Archived 2GAB Episode 12 – War

Is there such a thing as a justified, or necessary, war? Can Christians engage in war or be supportive of a war? If a “just” war exists, what would...

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Archived 2GAB Episode 11 – Answering Your Questions #1

Today we answer our first set of listener questions, covering topics such as Eastern Orthodoxy and the authority of God’s word. We love receiving questions, so please feel free...

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Archived 2GAB Episode 10 – Government

Politics and religion. The two topics that we are always supposed to avoid, right? Today we break that rule by talking about the role of government as ordained by...

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Archived 2GAB Episode 9 – God’s Sovereignty Over All Spheres of Life

Is God sovereign over every aspect of our lives?  What does Jesus mean when He says that all authority has been given to Him?  Typically when we think about...

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