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An analysis of civics, law, and government from a Biblical perspective.

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Governed by God (formerly known as Two Guys and a Bible) is a non-profit podcast hosted by myself, Eric Luppold. My co-host, Dillon Kenniston, has had to temporarily step away from podcasting due to scheduling conflicts.
The purpose of Governed by God is to approach the topics of civics, law, and government from a Biblical and historical perspective. The goal is to learn from God’s word, as well as history, and to apply those lessons to today.
That being said, I would like to invite you to join the conversation by not only listening but also sending me your questions. Just send me an email using the form below and I will gladly address them on the podcast as soon as I am able.

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S3E20 – Paganism and Baal

This week, I continue with a series on the demonic by looking at the ancient worship of Baal. While baal simply means “lord” or “master,” with many baals existing...

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S3E19 – Doctrines of Demons Part 2: What Do They Do?

This week, I continue with a series on the demonic. What activity is associated with demons? How do they influence people? Furthermore, what authority does Christ have over them,...

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S3E18 – Doctrines of Demons Part 1: What Are They?

This week, I begin a series on the demonic. What are demons and where does the term come from? How do they relate to the principalities and powers mentioned...

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S3E17 – The Religion of Transgenderism

This week, I look at the spiritual and religious foundation of the transgender movement. More specifically, I review and respond to several public comments made in March and April...

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S3E16 – A Biblical System of Government

This week, I answer the question: Can Scripture alone give us a system of government by which to live? While unbelievers certainly ignore Scripture, even Christians are divided on...

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