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The In Awe & Wonder podcast is to help women grow in Biblical literacy, discernment, sanctification, Christian living, and our awe and wonder of God.

Hosted ByKristen Hamilton

To promote Biblical literacy, Bible study, and Bible interpretation, we will be discussing what’s in the Bible; reading verses & passages; doing Bible studies; talking about resources for study; hermeneutics; canonicity; sola Scriptura; and Bible memory.

To practice and grow in discernment and filter things through a Biblical lens with critical thinking – learning to pause to objectively analyze something before accepting it as true, we will be recommending solid resources; discussing Biblical theology and doctrine; occasionally analyzing current events, cultural issues, and things we see on social media.

To discuss matters of sanctification – how God grows us via progressive sanctification, though not achieving total sanctification while on earth – especially as it pertains to lessons learned through suffering, we will be discussing the attributes of God – learning Who He is; our identity in Christ – learning who we are in Him; the fruit of the spirit – qualities the Holy Spirit manifests in the life of the believer; and our salvation and eternal life to come.

To promote practical Christian living, we will occasionally discuss things such as ways to share the gospel; raising teen girls in a godly way; tips for moving long distances; stewardship by ways of meal planning, grocery tips, and thrifting; how to find a good church; doing ministry in the local church; friendship; and marriage.

To raise awareness of the degree of awe, wonder, and reverence we should be giving to God, we will be making sure our focus and recognition is on the Creator instead of the creation and practicing the praise, thanksgiving, and obedience we ought to give to God as we glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. We will give proper authority and sufficiency to God’s Word; work on our prayer lives; recognize the beauty in nature; recognize common grace for all, and the means of grace for Believers; blessings we may have; people that God puts in our lives; and recognizing our responsibility to live holy lives.

Typical episodes will include Bible study, Bible memory, praise, prayer, the gospel, and a sprinkling of the attributes of God, stories of martyrs, stories behind our hymns, and promoting other podcasts, ministries, and resources. I may also discuss thoughts or expanding on topics I have listened to on other podcasts. We may do book clubs from time to time, where I will announce a book, whomever wants to read it can do so, we will discuss on social media, and I can discuss some of the topics on the podcast. We will do Bible study in the same way, by announcing materials and passages to study, whomever wants to participate can do so, we will have discussions on social media, and I will cover some of those topics on the podcast. I am not a theologian, have not attended seminary, and do not claim to know more than others. I am learning and growing along with everyone else. I read and study my Bible, attend a Biblically sound church, listen to lots of other podcasts, and read lots of non-fiction/theology books. Come along with me to study and learn.

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Looking at Psalm 96

< p style=”text-align: center”> In this episode we are looking at Psalm 96. It is a short psalm so this episode is also short. Psalm 96 is a gospel...

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Looking at Psalm 95

In this episode we are looking at Psalm 95. We are in a series of looking at Book 4 of the Psalms, which starts with Psalm 90. Beginning in...

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Looking at Psalm 94

In this episode, we are looking at Psalm 94. This psalm keeps with the theme of “God is King.” It is also an imprecatory psalm, which calls for the...

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Looking at Psalm 93

In this episode we are looking at Psalm 93. This is a short Psalm with just five verses. It is an introduction poem to a group of Psalms that...

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Looking at Psalm 92

In this episode, we are looking at Psalm 92. This psalm is labeled as “A Song for the Sabbath,” meaning it was specifically designed to be a hymn to...

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