King’s Church Podcast with John Samson

The preaching and teaching ministry of Pastor John Samson and King's Church in Peoria, AZ.

Hosted ByJohn Samson

This podcast showcases the detailed, verse-by-verse Bible teachings of Pastor John Samson, who leads the congregation at King’s Church, a Reformed Baptist Church located in Peoria, Arizona. Pastor Samson’s insightful expositions are deeply rooted in the Scriptures, providing listeners with a richer understanding of the Word of God.

King’s Church is not just a place of worship; it is a thriving Christian community that places a strong emphasis on the Bible, the gospel message, and the act of evangelism. The church’s mission extends beyond its walls, as it is actively involved in missions to spread the Good News.

Our church’s primary objectives include nurturing the spiritual development of its congregation, extending outreach to those seeking the truth of Christ, and magnifying the splendor of the Triune God in every endeavor.

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John Samson

John Samson

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