Matter of Theology with Chris Huff

Matter of Theology addresses church and cultural issues from a Biblical standpoint.

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This podcast is designed to address topics both within the church and in the culture from a theological standpoint. Since the Bible is authoritative over all the it speaks, we believe it speaks to every issue (Psalm 19:7-14). The goal in every episode is to get to the biblical heart of the matter and ask, “what does God have to say?” With this approach you will see that everything is a Matter of Theology.

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Taking a Stand: A Biblical Sexual Morality

Matter of Theology believes in the inerrancy, infallibility, and absolute sufficiency Word of God. We believe the Bible says what it means and means what it says. Especially when...

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MoT Rewind: Christology

Originally posted in February of 2019, Chris and Nick Steinichen sit down to discuss the importance of a proper Christology (the doctrine of Christ), and answers the question, “does...

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2021 Freestyle Talkabout

Tune in as Chris and Drew talk through 2021 from an MoT perspective. What you will also hear in this episode is a technical difficulty, a few rants, and...

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A Christmas Story of Hope: An Exposition of Isaiah 9:6-7

In this episode, Chris and Drew take an exegetical look at the wonder, beauty, majesty, and hope found in one of the most recognizable prophecies concerning the birth of...

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The Legacy Standard Bible: An Interview with Dr. William Varner

In this episode of MoT, Chris is joined by Dr. William Varner, one of the main translators of the Legacy Standard Bible. Chris interviews Dr. Varner about the methodology...

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