Matter of Theology with Chris Huff

Matter of Theology addresses church and cultural issues from a Biblical standpoint.

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This podcast is designed to address topics both within the church and in the culture from a theological standpoint. Since the Bible is authoritative over all the it speaks, we believe it speaks to every issue (Psalm 19:7-14). The goal in every episode is to get to the biblical heart of the matter and ask, “what does God have to say?” With this approach you will see that everything is a Matter of Theology.

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The Pain and Peril of Pragmatic Ministry

The guys are back! Recently, Drew posted a meme on Facebook with some small commentary that garnered some interesting comments. This lead to this “freestyle” episode of MoT. Tune...

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Scripture is the Holy Word of God (Psalm 19)

MoT Interview with Dr. James Coates

In this episode, Chris is joined by Dr. James Coates, Pastor-Teacher at GraceLife Church in Edmonton Canada, and co-author of the book “God vs Government: Taking a Biblical Stand...

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MoT Broadcast: “Same Sex Mirage: Why Christians Cannot Affirm Homosexuality.”

Following the 2022 Shepherds’ Conference, Chris attended the Grace Life fellowship group on Sunday morning March 13, 2022 at Grace Community Church. Dr. Mike Riccardi preached on the topic...

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