Matter of Theology with Drew Von Neida, Chris Huff, and Josh Lofthus ⭐️

Matter of Theology addresses church and cultural issues from a Biblical standpoint.

Hosted ByDrew Von Nieda, Chris Huff, & Josh Lofthus

Matter of Theology Podcast seeks to address issues we may find in the church, as well as in the culture and ask the question, “what does God have to say about this?” Our goal is not only to demonstrate that theology matters, but everything we face is a matter of theology. If everything is a matter of theology, we must have an ultimate standard by which we as believers are to approach everything. That standard is the inerrant, infallible, authoritative, and sufficient word of God.

This podcast covers a variety of topics; historical heresies, Biblical doctrine, current cultural worldview issues. And practical helps for the believer such as dealing with being church hurt, biblical counseling, and addressing sin issues. Drew has two degrees from Liberty University; a Bachelor’s in Theological and Biblical Studies, and a Master’s in Biblical Exposition. Chris has worked in ministry for several years as a worship director. Josh has a Bachelor’s in Social Sciences and Criminal Justice and a Master’s in Theology. Josh has also worked as a Pastor and currently works as a Biblical counselor.

We believe that this podcast will help others not only discover where theology appears in their everyday life. But also how to apply the doctrines within scripture to their walk with Christ. We do not want to tell people what to think. Rather, we want to teach them how to think biblically about every issue that arises in their life.

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In this episode we look at evangelism. What it is, what it looks like today, what it looks like in scripture, and how we should do it. 

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