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Dispelling the darkness with the light of God's truth while empowering believers to light their own little corner of the world.

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Many Christians believe the lie that they aren’t equipped enough to contend for the faith while making a valuable, lasting impact in God’s kingdom. The world is growing darker by the hour and now more than ever, God’s people need to have the light of God’s truth burning bright within them. At the One Little Candle podcast, you’ll find a variety of topics that will encourage, empower, and inspire God’s people to be the light that God has called us to be by contending for the faith that God has entrusted to His people so that we may pass down, un-defiled, the truth of God’s infallible word to the next generation.

As God’s people, we all have a purpose and responsibility in advancing God’s kingdom; standing for truth. When each of us, as a candle in God’s kingdom, come together in unity and truth, a great light burns bright and dispels the darkness!

  • Encouraging/inspirational stories and testimonies
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Cultural issues

From lighthearted episodes to some that tackle life’s most controversial and challenging subjects, One Little Candle has something for everyone. Rebecca Berschwinger is the creator and host of the One Little Candle Christian Podcast. Several years ago, Rebecca responded to God’s call to go forth and empower and encourage believers to know not just what they believe, but why they believe and to stand firm in God’s transcendent truths.

She has had the privilege of teaching Christian Worldview classes to high-schoolers along with creating and teaching Bible studies to the male and female inmates at her local county jail. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor for the Alpha Pregnancy Center and most recently as a Discipleship Coach for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Along with studying Systemic Theology and for her certificate in Christian Apologetics, Rebecca enjoys her role as a wife, mom of four, and Nana to seven precious grandchildren. In addition to spending time with her family, Rebecca also enjoys reading, writing, creating Christian t-shirts, camping, and gardening.

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Exposing Scholastic Books

The school bookfair is no longer a safe place for children thanks to Scholastic Books. Remember the excitement of picking out new books as a child? Those cherished memories...

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Homosexuality: How It’s Different From Other Sins

Key Topics Verses from Galatians chapter 6 Opposition to Pride Month Stance that it’s not aligned with the God of the Bible Concern for individuals, citing self-harm and depression...

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Pride Month Examined. A Biblical Take on Pride, Love and Identity.

Today’s episode (108) dives into a very important yet sensitive topic—Pride Month. In this episode, we’ll be exploring pride, love and identity through the lens of God’s perspective, unpacking...

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Bearing a Burden We’re Not Meant to Bear: Moms, Guilt, and God’s Sovereignty in Our Children’s Salvation.

Welcome to a very special Mother’s Day episode of “One Little Candle.” In today’s episode (107), we’re exploring the heartfelt journey of mothers whose children might be wandering from...

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The Legacy of Purim: Celebrating Jewish Deliverance through Ages. Conclusion of the Book of Esther

The riveting finale of the Book of Esther, chapters 8 through 10, tell us of the momentous events that see the Jews shift from peril to victory, culminating in...

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