Patriot Pastor with Wade Lentz & Harold Smith

Wade Lentz and Harold Smith speak about today's cultural and church-related issues from a biblical pastor's perspective.

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The Patriot Pastor’s Podcast was started in September 2020, while America was in absolute chaos. America was dealing with George Floyd protests, BLM, and ANTIFA riots, as well as a Presidential election that was very divisive and polarizing. During this very volatile time in our country, many raised their voices, giving their opinions about what we should think regarding America’s issues. The mainstream media gave us their liberal narrative on the current events, but where were the voices from those who hold a biblical worldview? “Big Eva” was no help in this area as they promoted BLM riots and condemned Trump supporters; this is where the Patriot Pastor’s Podcast comes in.

Wade Lentz and Harold Smith love the United States of America. Harold Smith served our country in the United States Airforce. We not only love our country, but we also have a deep love for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that the bible teaches that Christians have dual citizenship between both heaven and earth. Therefore, we must submit ourselves under the Constitution handed down from our founding fathers and, first and foremost, the Word of God.

Wade Lentz and Harold Smith have been local church pastors for a combined 35+ years. Our Podcast examines the issues we face today in our country, and we give our listeners guidance from a biblical pastor’s perspective. We also discuss many issues related to the church that local pastors face regularly. You will find that our podcast has an eclectic range of topics that is sure to capture listeners from all walks of life.

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The Prerequisites of a Pastor

In this new episode, Wade Lentz and Harold Smith briefly discuss some of the effects of the supply chain shortage that will affect our nation more and more in...

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”The Dangers of Being a Conservative But Not A Christian”

In this episode, Wade Lentz and Harold Smith briefly speak about the problems with conservatism today that are void of having a biblical foundation.  We point out that if...

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Christian, What Fascinates You?

In this episode, Harold Smith and Wade Lentz examine three areas centered around entertainment where Christians find themselves overly fascinated.  This episode mentions three areas: the Hollywood industry, Disney,...

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”Hectic Schedules and Busy Lives”

In this episode, Harold Smith and Wade Lentz discuss an issue that we are all well aware of hectic schedules that lead to busy lives. In 2022, we will...

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What’s Going On In Canada?! Special guest, Canadian Lauren Dyck

In this episode, we speak to Alberta, Canada resident, Lauren Dyck as he tells us firsthand what has happened and what is currently happening now in Canada. We cover...

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