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Christian apologetics ministry geared to refute falsehoods.

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Prescribed Truth is an apologetics ministry that seeks to assist in equipping those who may have bought into false doctrines, under the banner of Christianity, while standing on the Bible to refute false ideologies within our culture which seek to bring confusion into what Christians ought to believe and how we should live.

The Prescribed Truth Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Jamal Bandy. Jamal also hosts weekly live streams on the Prescribed Truth YouTube channel. 

Ephesians 4:25 
Therefore, laying aside falsehood, SPEAK TRUTH EACH ONE of you WITH HIS NEIGHBOR for we are members of one another.

Amber Guyger Controversy And Dangerous Hugs

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The Truth About The Three Fifths Compromise

What was the reason and motive behind the Three Fifths Compromise?? Article Website:  Prescribed Truth Podcast | Episode 105 SUPPORT ON PATREON for just $1 or more per...

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Myths of the Equality Act: A Review

Article Website: Prescribed Truth Podcast | Episode 104 JOIN ME ON PATREON for just $1 or more per month Listen to other podcasts on the Christian Podcast Community:

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Unforgiveness Does Not Equal Bitterness

Often I find that people take the command to forgive others is linked to emotion and makes it easy to misinterpret what unforgiveness actually is. Let’s talk about it....

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Rick Warren Enables Racial Strife With Black Only “Gospel Experience”

Happy New Year! I wanted to start this year off by dealing with a letter written, by Rick Warren, to Saddleback Church concerning a “speacial Zoom gathering”. Link can...

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Democrat Andrew Gillum Blames Racism For His Shameful Acts??

This is an un-released video review of Andrew Gillum, who ran for Governor back in 2018 in Florida. I brother in Christ shared with me an article that said...

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