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Christian apologetics ministry geared to refute falsehoods.

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Prescribed Truth is an apologetics ministry that seeks to assist in equipping those who may have bought into false doctrines, under the banner of Christianity, while standing on the Bible to refute false ideologies within our culture which seek to bring confusion into what Christians ought to believe and how we should live.

The Prescribed Truth Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Jamal Bandy. Jamal also hosts weekly live streams on the Prescribed Truth YouTube channel. 

Ephesians 4:25 
Therefore, laying aside falsehood, SPEAK TRUTH EACH ONE of you WITH HIS NEIGHBOR for we are members of one another.

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Should Only Leaders Baptize Converts? Part 1

Edwin Ramirez (The Proverbial Life) joins me for a convo on YouTube that I thought would be beneficial for my podcast listeners. I'm eager to hear from you all...

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Prescribed Truth Annual Giveaway Announcement!!

Celebrating 3 years of “Distributing the truth that the Doctor prescribes”!! JOIN ME ON PATREON for just $1 or more per month Make a one-time donation via streamlabs:...

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Is Black Friday Truly “Black”?

This week, I wanted to shed light on the true origin of “Black Friday”. Prescribed Truth Podcast | Episode 87 TUNE IN FOR INFO ON UPCOMING GIVEAWAY!!! JOIN ME...

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Lucifer Or Not Lucifer – What Is The Context??

This week, I wanted to shed light on who is “Lucifer” within scripture. Your feedback is very much appreciated! Scripture examined: Isa_14:12 KJV How art thou fallen from heaven,...

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Are Police Really Targeting Blacks For Murder?

On this week, I discuss statistics on whether police are truly targeting Black people for murder in America. This could get interesting! Prescribed Truth Podcast | Episode 85 JOIN...

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