We look to help Christians understand the society and culture around them, so they can live a life pleasing to God.

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I host RC with my wife Nicole. We hope to help Christians understand how to live a life as Christ followers in a secular world. We do that through commenting on big or interesting news stories, recommending books, podcasts or videos. Sometimes just through discussing Christian life. We produce our main show each Saturday and Mon – Friday we do five minute daily devotionals.

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Religionless Christianity Episode 11 | Dumbest News Story Ever

We take another, closer look at the dumbest news story we have ever read.

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Religionless Christianity Episode 9 | Losing The Faith

America is losing it's religion and the dumbest news story I have ever read.

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Religionless Christianity Episode 8 | Are You Going to Hell?

Revelation 21:8 tells us who might be on their way to hell. You might be surprised what it actually says.

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Religionless Christianity Episode 7 | Sports and Social Justice

Sports and Social justice, seems like these two never take a break anymore. We discuss.

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Religionless Christianity Episode 6 |Demi Lovato’s a Pansexual:(

So, Demi Lovato just came out as a Pansexual and Tennessee won't let transgendered girls play girls athletics.

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