We look to help Christians understand the society and culture around them, so they can live a life pleasing to God.

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I host RC with my wife Nicole. We hope to help Christians understand how to live a life as Christ followers in a secular world. We do that through commenting on big or interesting news stories, recommending books, podcasts or videos. Sometimes just through discussing Christian life. We produce our main show each Saturday and Mon – Friday we do five minute daily devotionals.

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Religionless Christianity Episode 5 | Where are You?

In Genesis 3 God asks Adam, "Where are you." We discuss how God is still asking that of us today.

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Religionless Christianity Ep. 4 | California Ethnic Studies

California just approved a new Ethnic Studies curriculum and we discuss.

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Religionless Christianity Ep. 3 | Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X just released "Satan Shoes." We discuss this and what it means for christians.

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Religionless Christianity Ep. 2 | Christ was Human?

After listening to a great Podcast this week, Nickie and I break down a few of the themes discussed. Jesus was human? Jesus was a radical!

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Religionless Christianity Ep. 1 | Don Lemon said what?

2700 year old biblical manuscripts and Don Lemon on the view. Nickie and I discuss the news.

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