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Revived Thoughts exists to bring history's greatest sermons back to life!

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Revived Thoughts exists to bring history’s greatest sermons back to life! Each episode they take a sermon by a preacher and record it into audio for the first time. Sermons by men like Charles Spurgeon, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, John Calvin, and many more! 

We also update and modernize the language to make it easy to understand. Before you listen to a new sermon you’ll hear 5-10 minutes of the back-story of the preacher and learn about the era that sermon was preached. Then you’ll hear a unique voice (as each sermon has its own speaker) deliver it! 

These sermons have not lost their edge. They are as relevant for listeners today as they were when they were delivered hundreds of years ago. Get a break from listening to the bubble of Christianity in the West in the 21st century and check in on the wisdom of the past. 

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John Gill: Christ the Savior from the Storm

John Gill is one of the founders of Baptist thought. He preached in the 1700s and grew up under religious persecution. He would end up preaching in a very...

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Forgiveness

Dietrich Bonhoeffer has been featured on the show in his sermons, <a href="%22Lazarus%20and%20the%20Rich%20Man,">"Lazarus and the Rich Man,</a>" and "<a href="">Overcoming Fear."</a> Now listen to him preach a powerful and...

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Top 20 Sermons of 2020

Join Joel and Troy for a special episode of Revived Thoughts where they give you their top sermons of 2020 (5 sermons each). They also give you the sermons...

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RT Selects: Christmas Evans – The Triumph of Calvary

Christmas Evans was born in Wales in the mid-1700s. He went from unable to read and write to a powerful preacher who preaches in a very unique and imaginative...

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Watchman Nee: Why This Waste?

Watchman Nee is maybe the most famous preacher that has ever come out of China. He suffered persecution for the faith and was responsible for setting up hundreds of...

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