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Revived Thoughts exists to bring history's greatest sermons back to life!

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Revived Thoughts exists to bring history’s greatest sermons back to life! Each episode they take a sermon by a preacher and record it into audio for the first time. Sermons by men like Charles Spurgeon, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, John Calvin, and many more! 

We also update and modernize the language to make it easy to understand. Before you listen to a new sermon you’ll hear 5-10 minutes of the back-story of the preacher and learn about the era that sermon was preached. Then you’ll hear a unique voice (as each sermon has its own speaker) deliver it! 

These sermons have not lost their edge. They are as relevant for listeners today as they were when they were delivered hundreds of years ago. Get a break from listening to the bubble of Christianity in the West in the 21st century and check in on the wisdom of the past. 

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B. H. Carroll: The Faith Of Noah

B. H. Carroll once fought in the Confederate army and preached atheism to rallies of soldiers. But after God got a hold of his life he became the founder...

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BB Warfield: The Christian Attitude Towards Death

B. B. Warfield was a theologian at Princeton Theological Seminary that stood for Biblical inerrancy and traditional faith. At a time when Princeton and theology at large was liberalizing...

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Revived Thoughts Deep Dive (Preview): The First Crusade

Many people have heard of the Crusades. But how many people know the story of how the Crusades got started? Listen as Troy and Joel tell you the story...

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Waite Stirling: God’s Lonely Sentinel

Waite Stirling was called God's lonely sentinel. He lived completely cut off at the bottom of the Earth because he had a desire for the Gospel to go out...

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John Wesley: The Funeral Of George Whitefield

John Wesley lived in the 1700s and was an influential leader of the First Great Awakening. He and George Whitefield founded the Methodist movement together after their time at...

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