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Christian evangelism and apologetics taught by example in real-world conversations.

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Romans Road is the podcast that encourages and prepares Christians to evangelize. Hosted by Eddie Roman, Romans Road features actual evangelism encounters with unbelievers. In addition to sharing his conversations, Eddie gives the play by play, explaining why he says certain things and how he approaches each situation. Listen in to witnessing conversations, and then go try it yourself!

An apologist is a Christian who specializes in answering questions about the Christian faith. If you engage in evangelism, you will need to answer many questions. Romans Road features interviews with skilled apologists who give insight on how to answer questions from skeptics, cult members, critics, and false religions. Learn how to answer Muslims, Catholics, Atheists, and many other faiths. More importantly, learn how to preach the gospel to people of all world views.

The term, “Romans Road” comes from a method of evangelism that takes a person through key verses in the book of Romans. Eddie Roman loves evangelism and the book of Romans (and he drives on a road), so the name fits. So, come along and be encouraged to preach the gospel on the Romans Road with Eddie Roman!

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Fake Truth

It's two against one as Eddie talks Christianity with a moral relativist and a Buddhist. Is it ok to interpret the bible however we want? If truth is relative,...

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Man Vs. Drunk

In this episode, Eddie is confronted by a drunk while street preaching. Eddie's website: Search N Rescue, Eddie's book on evangelism. Available at   

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Life’s quick! Psalm 90

Romans Road 001 Eddie Roman’s BMX days, recent family tragedy and a serious look at the reality of life. Give a listen! Check out Eddie's website

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