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Allowing the Biblical truths of the Heidelberg Catechism to shape our theology and Christian living.

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Small Town Theologian a show devoted to digging into the Heidelberg Catechism and ecumenical creeds, not just to better understand foundational truths, but to seek to apply them to the rhythm of everyday life.

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STT 039 – Spurgeon & Joyfully Submitting to the Truth of God’s Infallible Word

Charles Spurgeon was an eloquent man. God used him in mighty ways to contend for the truth of God’s Word. In this episode is a Spurgeon quote worth careful...

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STT 038 – The Plurality of Elders Protects a Pastor (and a Church) from Disaster

One guy calling the shots in a local church? Dangerous, unless the guy is the God-man Jesus Christ. The plurality of elders is not only Biblical, it practically protects...

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STT 037 – Five Essential Gifts to Give Your Kids: (5) Connect the Dots with Relationship

STT 036 – Five Essential Gifts to Give Your Kids: (4) Daily Family Worship

Sleeping, eating, breathing, moving, are all essential daily activities. These things keep us alive and well. Is family worship part of your daily routine? If not, do you know...

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STT 035 – Five Essential Gifts to Give Your Kids: (3) Weekly Corporate Worship

Parents love to see their kids involved in many activities, good activities. Christian parents often want their kids to be involved in Christian activities as well, things like youth...

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