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Allowing the Biblical truths of the Heidelberg Catechism to shape our theology and Christian living.

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Small Town Theologian a show devoted to digging into the Heidelberg Catechism and ecumenical creeds, not just to better understand foundational truths, but to seek to apply them to the rhythm of everyday life.

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STT 009 – What You Need to Know to Live & Die Happily

STT 008 – The Comfort of Dead Birds (Part 2)

Be sure to listen to Part 1. God’s providence is a comforting truth that can help you through immense pain and suffering. God’s providence protects us against losing heart....

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STT 007 – The Comfort of Dead Birds (Part 1)

What do dead birds have to do with our comfort in life and death? Tune in to hear this important connection. Also, please share the podcast with a friend...

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STT 006 – Your Pastor Needs the Same Grace You Do

Do you respect your pastor? You should, and I hope you do, however, you should not put him on a pedestal. You shouldn’t idolize him. He is a human...

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STT 005 – The Holy Spirit Serves & Assures Us

Would you describe the Holy Spirit as a “funny and sneaky and silly blue genie” like the one in Aladdin? I hope not. The Holy Spirit is very misunderstood...

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