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Allowing the Biblical truths of the Heidelberg Catechism to shape our theology and Christian living.

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Small Town Theologian a show devoted to digging into the Heidelberg Catechism and ecumenical creeds, not just to better understand foundational truths, but to seek to apply them to the rhythm of everyday life.

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STT 091 – Do You Know How to Use God’s Name (HC LD 36, QA 99-100)?

I’ve encountered Christians who don’t seem to realize they are blaspheming God. They use God’s majestic name in casual and trivial ways, and they don’t seem to know the...

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STT 090 – What about Images of Jesus (HC LD 35, QA 96-98)?

Considering many things like the popularity of The Chosen, Christmas traditions, children’s Sunday School curricula, and religious jewelry, it is obvious that many Christians believe it’s good to depict...

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STT 089 – The “Love Is Love” Fallacy & the Truth about Love (HC LD 34, QA 92-95)

What does “Love is love” mean? Is love something that our culture truly understands? Considering we live in a secular society where God is not regarded as truth, many...

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STT 088 – Take Heart, Your Conversion Is a Process (HC LD 33, QA 88-91)

Is conversion a sensational experience that happens only one time in someone’s life? Is conversion repeating a prayer after an evangelist or preacher and walking an aisle? Having a...

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STT 087 – Should Fear or Grace Motivate Good Works (HC LD 32, QA 86-87)?

We should fear God. But should the fear of losing our salvation motivate us to good works or should confidence in the grace of God motivate us to good...

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