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Steve & Bethany’s Hopecast is about life‚Ķyours and ours. As believers in Christ, all of us want to take what we hear on Sunday mornings and turn it into Monday-Saturday living, but to often it doesn’t happen. Our goal is that together we can share tips and practical ways to change that! We like to have a lot of laughs too! From the serious to the silly, join us in this adventure!

Steve & Bethany hosted a morning show on a Christian radio station for several years. Due to budget cuts, the show was broken up. It was then that they felt God leading them to strike out on their own and start this unique podcast.

Steve is a twenty something year radio vet; Bethany is a twenty something year old.

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Life Changes

It's our 2nd update since taking our hiatus. There's BIG news for your favorite podcasters! Bethany and her husband welcomed their first child and Steve and his family celebrated...

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Steve & Bethany’s First Update

Steve & Bethany are on a temporary break from the Hopecast, because Bethany and her husband are expecting their first child. Bethany's baby is less than two weeks from...

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Goodbye for Now…

With Bethany expecting her first child soon, we thought this would be a good time for us to say, “Adios” for the rest of 2022. But don't worry Hope...

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What’s With Prayer? Part 2

Prayer. It's the main form of communication with the Almighty. We all know we need to pray. All of us want a dynamic prayer life…being close to God and...

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Truths for Times of Crisis with Andrea Lennon Part 2

It's been said, “you are either in a storm, coming out of one, or going into one.” It's why we need to be as prepared as possible for the...

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