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Steve & Bethany’s Hopecast is about life…yours and ours. As believers in Christ, all of us want to take what we hear on Sunday mornings and turn it into Monday-Saturday living, but to often it doesn’t happen. Our goal is that together we can share tips and practical ways to change that! We like to have a lot of laughs too! From the serious to the silly, join us in this adventure!

Steve & Bethany hosted a morning show on a Christian radio station for several years. Due to budget cuts, the show was broken up. It was then that they felt God leading them to strike out on their own and start this unique podcast.

Steve is a twenty something year radio vet; Bethany is a twenty something year old.

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Sharing Your Faith 2.0

Last episode, we discussed ideas and tips about how to lead a child to Christ. This week, we continue along those same lines by talking about Sharing Your Faith...

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Leading a Child to Christ

This episode is sponsored by:Navigate 2021 One of the biggest prayers of parents is that your child will become a follower of Christ. That's the prayer, but is there...

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I’m Not Envious…am I?

This episode is sponsored by:Navigate 2021 We’re talking about a topic that even though a lot of us in church circles don’t talk a whole lot about it, it...

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Navigate 2021 Special with Andrea Lennon and Clay Cunningham

Navigate 2021 is a Digital Conference that's coming to First Baptist Church, Benton, AR. on August 7th. On this episode, we're joined by “Inspire on the Go” podcast host,...

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Ask Us Anything About the Bible

Sponsored byNavigate 2021. Get details here. This week, we turn the show over to you! We asked you to send in a question about the Bible that you've always...

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