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This podcast is for the Christian thinker who desires to be edified, challenged, convicted, informed and transformed by God's truth through well-reasoned dialogue that is grounded in and aligned with scripture.

Hosted ByPhil Sessa & Glenroy Clarke

Stop and Think About It is the podcast of Soulfishing Ministries, a non-profit ministry which can be found at, under Grace Baptist Church (GBC). It is hosted by Phil Sessa, “The Bronx Expositor” who is both the director of Soulfishing Ministries, and one of the elders of GBC, and co-hosted by Glenroy Clarke, “The West Indian Word Smith” and deacon of GBC.

Why do we describe people to stop and think about it? Many people simply swallow whatever the culture says, and become cultural parrots. We and our Lord call people to stop and think about one’s worldview through the only sure lens, sola Scriptura.

#11 – Social Justice: The Trojan Horse – Part 2

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#52 Asbury revival is it real?

Stop and think Crew discuss The so-called Asbury revival is real? What is a revival? How do we discern from real or manufactured? Should believers pray for revival? Please...

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#51 Is America under the Judgment of God?

Stop and think Crew discuss whether America Is currently under the Judgment of God. What does it mean to be under the Judgement of God? How is that shown...

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#50 New Years Resolution are they Biblical

Stop and think Crew discuss whether New Years Resolution is biblical. If so, how should we do it biblically?   Please help support us on Patreon:

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Spiritual Temperature of America – Should we grade on a curve?

Stop and Think crew discuss poll results that show a disturbing misunderstanding of Biblical Truth in America. The results are surprising and cause much discussion on the state of...

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#48 What is a leader?

Stop and Think crew addresses what is a leader? We discuss what attributes make up a good leader and compare the biblical model versus the worldly model. Join us...

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Stop And Think About It

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