The Bluestocking Baptists with Hannah Oliver & Esther Faulkner

An informal podcast for women with intelligent and literary interests related to Christian doctrine and life.

Hosted ByHannah Oliver & Esther Faulkner

Hannah Oliver and Esther Faulkner are both Particular Baptists who hold to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith with a shared background in the Charismatic movement. The Bluestocking Baptists Podcast is an informal podcast for women with intelligent and literary interests related to Christian doctrine and life. Esther and Hannah both have a passion to see unbelievers come to the faith, and so their hope is that their material will be used for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom. They also have a passion for equipping women with the tools they need to exercise discernment, and they desire to see more women understand and love the deep theology that is found in God’s word.

They believe everyone is a theologian, and you are either a good one or a bad one. Their hope with their podcast is to stir in women a love for good theology and to encourage women in their faith as they walk in obedience and grow in holiness. The Bluestocking Baptists Podcast is only a tool, it is not church and it does not replace discipleship.
Hannah and Esther cover a variety of topics that interest them.

The Wretched Art of Loveless Discernment with Reagan Rose

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Baptist Catechism Q: 51,52,53,54

cat·e·chism [ˈkadəˌkizəm] NOUN catechisms (plural noun) a summary of the principles of Christian religion in the form of questions and answers, used for the instruction of Christians. synonyms: system...

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Cell Phone Zombies with Liz Robinson

Episode 15 On this episode Hannah and Esther interview Liz Robinson, blogger of The Good Soil to discuss how technology affects us spiritually. Resources: Articles- Why We Should Escape Social Media...

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God Hates it, we Love it – SIN

EPISODE 14   On this episode we talk about the Doctrine of Sin. Further resources on Pelagianism on Ligonier The Baptist catechism question 18: Q. What is sin? A:...

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Mormonism Pt. 3: The Gospel of Merit

EPISODE 13   **EDIT FOR CLARITY: Mormonism does teach that Christ finished paying for the atonement on the cross, but ultimately the Garden is where a bulk of the...

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Missionaries to Ecuador

Attached is the break down for our financial support needs. Faulkner Budget Break Down This is a link to the ABWE support commitment site. There you will find options...

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