The Celebration of God with AMBrewster

The Year Long Celebration of God is a dynamic, discipleship experience that utilizes the Bible, our holiday calendars, and the most average moments of the most normal days to equip Christians and their faith communities to better know, love, and serve God all year long.

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The Celebration of God works from the premise that God must have the preeminence in everything we do and that Christians should be involved in life-on-life, reciprocal discipleship relationships. God is so deserving of our worship that we desire to equip Christians to celebrate God with both their high days and their low moments.

AMBrewster is the president of Truth.Love.Parent., host of its podcast, biblical counselor, speaker, and teacher. He speaks and preaches regularly on the subjects of worship, discipleship, practical theology, and the blessings of protestant liturgy.

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Episode 100: COG 100: Celebrating God at Work and School, Part 2 | Follow and Lead

Regardless of who your authority is and how they lead, God expects you to Follow and Lead while y...

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Episode 99: COG 99: Celebrating God at Work and School, Part 1 | Learn and Live

God deserves our worship at work and school just as much as He does at church. Join AMBrewster of...

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Episode 98: COG 98: An Important Conversation about Lent

For 40 years, AMBrewster didn’t observe Lent. But then something happened. Listen in as he shares...

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Episode 97: COG 97: Worshipping God in March

How is worshipping God in March different than worshipping God any other month? Join AMBrewster a...

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Episode 95: COG 96: You’re Always Making Disciples

It’s not a question of whether you’ll make disciples, it’s a question of whether you’re making di...

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