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The Year Long Celebration of God is a dynamic, discipleship experience that utilizes the Bible, our holiday calendars, and the most average moments of the most normal days to equip Christians and their faith communities to better know, love, and serve God all year long.

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The Celebration of God works from the premise that God must have the preeminence in everything we do and that Christians should be involved in life-on-life, reciprocal discipleship relationships. God is so deserving of our worship that we desire to equip Christians to celebrate God with both their high days and their low moments.

AMBrewster is the president of Truth.Love.Parent., host of its podcast, biblical counselor, speaker, and teacher. He speaks and preaches regularly on the subjects of worship, discipleship, practical theology, and the blessings of protestant liturgy.

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Episode 9: COG 9: The Complexity of Celebrating God

How involved is The Celebration of God curriculum? How much will I have to change? Are there diff...

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Episode 8: COG 8: The Pieces of Celebration

Episode 7: COG 7: The Function of Celebration

God created celebration for more than just worship. We can use it to do many things from teaching...

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Episode 6: COG 6: When to Celebrate God

Episode 5: COG 5: The Command to Celebrate God

What are the implications for the fact that God demands our worship? How does that affect our hol...

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The Celebration of God

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