The E.A.R. Podcast with Brandon Queen

A podcasts that strives to share the gospel to the listeners of all walks of life.

Hosted ByBrandon M. Queen

On The E. A. R., we talk about the gospel and where we focus on God! Our goal is to tackle some of the hard questions or situations that arise in our faith or the secular questions that challenge us. We are Evangelical and Reformed! Our episodes are based on reformed theology from an evangelical view.

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Why Is It So Hard to Pray? – S1 Ep1

S1 E1 – Why Is It So Hard to Pray? It’s so hard to pray because humbling ourselves, getting over ourselves, and coming to the end of our subborn...

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Do Not Look at One Another Differently – Episode 2

In a world where favoritism is obviously in our faces, we get caught up in the mundane practices of excluding people based on social or economic status, skin color...

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