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A podcasts that strives to share the gospel to the listeners of all walks of life.

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On The E. A. R., we talk about the gospel and where we focus on God! Our goal is to tackle some of the hard questions or situations that arise in our faith or the secular questions that challenge us. We are Evangelical and Reformed! Our episodes are based on reformed theology from an evangelical view.

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Asking Jesus – Week Five of Lent

Synopsis: During week five of Lent, we dive into the story of the daughters of Jerusalem, and we answer the question, who stuck you? For most of this episode,...

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Asking Jesus – Week Four of Lent

Synopsis: This week we discuss the story of the Good Samaritan. Both Rev. Dr. Gerrit and Brandon, discuss the connection of Jesus being the good Samaritan for us. During...

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Asking Jesus – Week Three of Lent

Limited Atonement – aka Definite Redemption

Synopsis: Pastor Bill dives into the doctrine of limited atonement. He preaches about the work Jesus Christ did on the cross because the son and the father love us...

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Asking Jesus – Week Two of Lent

Synopsis: During week two of Lent, we discuss more of what Lent means and how we can observe this season. Dr. Dawson expounds on his devotional writing for the...

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